Brooke Kincheloe, LCSW


Parenting is a most wonderful and challenging job. As a mother, I can relate to the celebratory and the difficult moments you face. When our children struggle, it causes worry and strain that can affect other relationships. It can be concerning when our children stop enjoying activities they used to really used to enjoy or get easily overwhelmed and worried. For some kids it can be a challenge to feel safe after something has happened, such as a death, car accident, or a move. Children may find themselves disconnected socially and emotionally from their world. We want to assure our children grow and thrive. You and your child are integral parts of healing, it is my honor to support you in  this  journey. The bonding that occurs when your child knows you understand and invest in them emotionally, has life long impacts. Your child will learn coping skills, self expression, and gain an understanding of themselves.

Children naturally play and in therapy, they do best when what they already do is done with intention, such as play-based therapy, sand tray, and other expressive mediums. In sand tray therapy, a child’s world comes to life through the use of sand and tiny figurines, children learn to conquer fears and resolve conflicts, and grow to feel self confident. In a safe, trusteed therapeutic environment children can become more confident, joyful, socially connected and healed. I look forward to talking with you, please give me a call so we can get your child to the best version of themselves, I can be reached at 859-229-8222.

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