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Bret D. Schultz, MA, LPCA, NCC

Associate Counselor

Isn’t it interesting how on the outside we appear successful yet on the inside experience anything but that? From afar, my life appeared idyllic with a decades-long Fortune 500 career, a committed marriage, and three beautiful, artistic daughters. However, I often struggled with fears and dissatisfactions that I could not define or even understand. At times, I worried that I was letting others down and beating myself up for behaving in ways that did not make me feel good about myself— yet I did not want to ask for help.


I have seen the incredible growth that happens when we connect with our genuine self and believe you can find your genuine self too. Growth is possible for you despite your unique challenges. Together, we will find a way for you to take action and build skills to live your best life!

Bret D. Schultz: Meet the Team
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