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Nearly any event or events can cause trauma to an individual’s mind, soul, and body, and over time, trauma can becomes evident through the body.  Generally, we think of trauma in two different types: singular and chronic.  Singular trauma occurs one time and it is done, such as a car wreck or witnessing a terrorist attack.  Chronic trauma occurs in relationships, usually during childhood, such as being emotionally neglected or constantly criticized.

It is important to note, what is traumatic for one person may not be traumatic for another.

It is not uncommon for Trauma therapy comes in many types, but most embrace a three stage process: Safety and Stabilization, Remembrance and Mourning, and finally, Reconnection and Integration.

To stablize, Dr. Maynard uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy or Radically Open DBT.  The type of trauma will inform the type of treatment for stage two.  For singular trauma, Dr. Maynard uses Exposure Therapy.  For chronic trauma, he uses Somatic Experiencing.  In the third stage, he utilizes a more person-centered approach.

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