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Do you hesitate to have your child formally tested?  It is a huge step. Maybe you have had questions about your child for a long time. Or teachers have voiced the need, either to look at giftedness or possible weaknesses. But you wonder about the process, benefits, accuracy, or consequences of testing.  You may be concerned testing might change your child’s self-image. These are very valid question, which caring, thoughtful parents ask!  My goal is to help you process all of your questions so you can feel confident about your decision.  Therefore, I recommend a 1-hour consultation session for most parents before they decide on testing. Bring all your questions, doubts, and hopes! I provide resources and a positive, safe place. If you decide on testing or therapy, we can plan the next steps together. 
If you have been hesitating for a while, take this first step and find more clarity. Schedule a consultation session today.


The Maynard Counseling Center offers individual therapy as well as skills trainings for children: 

  • Ages three through 18 years

  • Anxiety, including school refusal

  • Grief 

  • High functioning autism

  • Cultural Issues 


Depending on the child’s needs, different therapy options are chosen, such as play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or exposure therapy. Furthermore, Ines Maynard is trained in emotional regulation skills programs, such as the Zones of Regulation. Children can learn be aware of their emotions, explore coping skills and receive individualized visuals and other tools, which can be used at home or at school.

Parents are considered the greatest resource for the child. Therefore, parents are offered the opportunity for reflection and self-care in a separate room while children participate in therapy.  

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