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Image by Leo Rivas
Autism: Image


Does your child have trouble finding and keeping friends and handle change? Or does your child argue a lot and find it hard to understand others’ feelings and thoughts? Is it hard to have a meaningful back-and-forth conversation? On the one hand, it is true: There is no “cure” for autism. On the other hand, thorough assessments and interventions can make all the difference!  Some of the children I have worked with have developed so many skills, you would hardly notice they have autism! 


There is a saying: “If you have met a child with autism, you have only met ONE child with autism.” Every child has different strengths, weaknesses and potential. That’s why it’s important to assess well and then tailor a plan individually at the child’s level.  For instance, ABA therapy is not for everyone. But every child has the chance to grow and learn with the right interventions and support.  At the Maynard Counseling Center, we offer research-based interventions, such as AutPlay therapy, a therapy that has shown success in research to improve emotional and social skills.  It also includes parent trainings to support parents at home. 


Children with autism are near and dear to my heart. They have so much to give to our world and offer unique perspectives.  It brings me great joy to see them overcome their fears and find success in life, relationships and school. 

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