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Dr. Ines Maynard

Licensed Psychologist

Ines Maynard, EdD, LP, NCSP, has conducted hundreds of evaluations during her work as a nationally certified school psychologist and is trained in various counseling therapy techniques. She specializes in therapy for children with anxiety, high functioning autism, grief, and multi-cultural backgrounds.


As a mom of two young children, she knows the challenges and joys of parenthood. Her desire is to empower children and their families while focusing on strengths. 


Originally from Germany, she has published a book on “Living with a sense of humor” and is co-author of a book on “Values for children,” which has appeared at Random House, Germany.  


Here is part of her personal story:

“As the Berlin wall fell in 1989, it was more than a historical event in my life. It was personal. My family lived in East Germany under communism at the time. When I went to elementary school, I knew, if I said the wrong words, my teachers were allowed to hit me. Or worse, my parents could end up in prison.  When the wall fell, my parents packed up our belongings in a little red car and we drove across the border – without a penny in our pocket.  We slept in the basement of a relative’s home and I remember sitting in my first English class at school, not understanding a word! Then, a person close to me ended his own life…


When life seems unfair and overwhelming, it is easy to give up. But I have also seen walls fall, courage and hard work pay off, kindness heal wounds, and life to flourish again!  That’s why I believe in stubborn hope! Families can weather the storms of life together. I am passionate about serving children to overcome obstacles and to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.” 

Ines Maynard: Meet the Team
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