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Kathryn Miles, MA, LPCA

Associate Counselor

I believe it is a universal human experience to have times in your life where you look around and aren’t sure where to go next. Maybe what has worked for you in the past just isn’t any more. Perhaps life has thrown you some unexpected challenges. Or maybe you’ve given a particular difficulty your best effort but aren’t making the progress you would like. While these moments of uncertainty can be unsettling, they also represent an opportunity for growth and change. You might be tempted to avoid that feeling of uncertainty and simply fall back into familiar patterns. It took me more than a few years to recognize that reaching out for support in these moments is its own kind of strength and wisdom. I value the opportunity I have as a counselor to meet my clients in these moments of uncertainty and collaborate with them to find new ways of being that facilitate their growth and align with their values and goals.

Katy Miles: Meet the Team
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