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Does your child cry almost every morning, not wanting to go to school? Maybe there is a strange change in your child that hit you suddenly? Or you’ve had worries for a long time that kept you up at night? Have problems at home caused challenges for other family members? You may have concerns your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, or another challenge. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to offer support. 

We have the professional tools and experience to shed light on what your child might need. During evaluations and therapy, we focus on wholistic answers, finding their strengths and long-term solutions. With a thorough assessment or evaluation, counseling services will show you a way out. In our therapy sessions, we help children through various methods, including play therapy, AutPlay, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) - it all depends on what your child needs. Maybe it is reducing symptoms of depression, learning new skills to increase self-control, learning how to solve problems, express feelings in an appropriate way, follow directions, improve communication skills, reduce family conflict, or increase coping skills. Commonly, our child and adolescent therapists will help both the child and family in finding strategies to help your child and develop parenting skills unique to your child. More than that! Your child can grow stronger through this experience, and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. 

If your child is already receiving therapy services from other providers, such as psychiatrists, our counselors work with those providers to develop a treatment plan to ensure services for children are giving you and your child the help you need.

Call us today to find out if our services for children and adolescents are what you and your child or adolescent needs.

Are you a pediatric nurse looking for services for one of your patients? Please click here.  


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