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Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor-Supervisor

When I was a boy, I remember something happened that caused me to question why the person did what they did. This event has long since faded from my memory, but the question has not, and it was this question that began my interest in people’s actions. This, combined with the virtue of service instilled in me by my grandfather, and you’ve got the recipe for a psychotherapist.

One final reason why I’m in this field, I take great delight in seeing people grow and reach their full potential. It doesn’t matter if you are a client, a counselor I’m supervising, or a student in one of my classes. I love to see people grow, and I look forward to being part of your growth, and seeing you grow!

Dr. David C. Maynard: Meet the Team


100% said “yes” or “definitely, yes” that...

Counseling changed their lives for the better


When I was in third grade, I played on my first basketball team, and I remember the first time I made a basket — I was so excited!  Hooray, one for the team!  <ahem>  That is, the other team.

It’s ok, you can smile.  I do.  :-)  

Isn’t that just like life though?  We all make mistakes, but the key question is, do we learn from them?  It’s my goal to share with you what I’ve learned along the way so you can avoid “mistakes” and live your best life now!


​I love working with people one-on-one to help them achieve their goals and grow.  It is exciting to hear how the strategies my clients and I develop bringing them the much needed success they are looking for.  It’s also exciting to hear from former clients that they are continuing the change in their lives we set out to achieve.

The goals my clients usually have are to 

  • stop their use of pornography, alcohol, or drugs,

  • be able to be honest with their significant other about their feelings and troubles,

  • reduce anger, self-doubt, anxiety,

  • gain insight into feels,

  • simply feel better,

  • learn to cope with illness,

  • change and regulate problematic thoughts and behaviors,

  • increase intimacy with their significant other,

  • not be emotionally numb,

  • learn about themselves and be happy,

  • have a correct diagnosis,

  • forgive themselves for mistakes,

  • learn to manage depression,

  • be more self-confident,

  • improve sleep, and

  • much more!

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