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Image by Robert Collins
Anxiety: Image


Does your child cry almost every morning, not wanting to go to school? Or call you because of “feeling sick?” Maybe the change in your child hit you suddenly. Out of nowhere. Everything was amazing: good achievements, never any worries.  Now, it’s tears or tantrums every day. You feel so desperate you are ready to homeschool, just to turn off those tears. To let this storm pass…   


Deep inside, you know homeschooling won’t resolve everything. Your child cannot just stay at home for life. But you don’t know what else to do or to whom to turn. 


I come alongside parents and fight with you for your child. Call me to start the road to bring back happiness and peace.


The answers are usually not simple or quick. And medication often does not do the whole trick. That’s what I’ve learned during my work as a school psychologist where I have conducted hundreds of evaluations.  But it’s so worth it to find wholistic answers and long-term solutions! Not to stress less but better! With thorough assessment and therapy, we will find a way out. More than that! Your child can grow stronger through this experience and be ready to face future storms in life.   Let me come alongside of you. I promise: I will fight with you as if it were my own child. Until your child enjoys school – and life! –  again. 

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