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Matthew Dodson, MA, LPCA

Associate Counselor

As parents, you are experiencing essential developmental milestones firsthand with your children and families. You might have worried about your child’s school performance, interactions with peers, or recent changes in their behavior. Maybe you have encountered challenges as you tried to engage with your teenager about finding their way in life or social influences. This time of exploration for your child means additional care and worries for you. Some of you may be new to parenting, seeking help or guidance as you figure out your parenting style. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in as a parent - you are not alone. And you are to be commended for seeking out the help best suited for your child and family.


Children contend with diverse needs, such as developing attachment to caregivers, learning life skills, coping with developmental delays, or understanding their emotional world. Adolescents and young adults, however, face adjusting to physical and emotional changes that come with puberty, dealing with depression and anxiety, learning social skills, and making decisions about their future. These examples just touch the surface of issues that can be addressed with evidence-based counseling. Parents want nothing more than to see their children grow to thrive as adults, and that can require help.


Matt Dodson, MA, LPCA, received his B.S. in Psychology of Human Relations from Indiana Wesleyan University and his M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary. His experience working in pastoral ministry and behavioral health at Kentucky Children’s Hospital exposed him to the many concerns of parents raising their kids. Matt is passionate about partnering with kids and parents in counseling to navigate their daily needs and obstacles. In this process, he uses evidence-based approaches, focusing on third-wave cognitive behavioral interventions.

Matt Dodson: Meet the Team
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