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You Can Thrive in Life,
Not Just Struggle to Survive.

Whether you are struggling in relationships,

or overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, or something else,

it can be tempting to give up.

That's not how it has to be any more

and our therapists will show you how.

How Maynard Counseling Center Can Help You Thrive

At Maynard Counseling Center, we understand.  It's hard when you're not sure what is going on and nothing you've tried seems to help.

That's why we're committed to helping you find solutions that work.

  • More than 20 years combined experience

  • Over 1,000 people getting on with their lives

  • Research-based Methods:

Those Who Know Us Say


Dr. Andrew C. Bernard
Trauma Surgeon

I knew David's work was important to my patients but initially I didn't realize how much. David's skill and professionalism positioned him to make a tremendous, lasting impact on each patient he saw, accomplishing advances in care that I could never have reached. I would send family to David.


Dr. Martha Wetter
Clinical Psychologist

Formal assessments are complex and I was skeptical when Dr. Maynard informed me this was part of his practice.  However, after reading his reports, I became a believer in his ability and began referring to him; I commend him to you.


Dr. Audrey Darville
Nurse Practitioner

Providing and receiving care for addictions can be challenging. The healthcare system often does not allow time for providers to work on removing barriers so clients can gain access to the care they need. Dr. Maynard is a respected colleague who DOES diligently dedicate his time and energy to reducing treatment barriers while providing exceptional care for his clients!

Our Services

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Mental health counseling

tailored to your needs.

Child Model

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Counseling services

for each age group.

Smiling Teacher

Radically Open

DBT Skills Training

Specialized help in Lexington, KY and via Telehealth

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Specialized Counseling

for the person with ASD.

Document with Pen



Formal assessment

when clarity is needed.

Learn More
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Child &



Evaluations to improve

academic performance.

Learn More

Getting Started is Easy

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Receive a
Thorough Assessment

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Implement Your
Personalized Plan

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Your Risks and Opportunities

Not getting help...

  • Is like not changing the oil in your car. It's cheaper and more effective than waiting for the engine to be damaged beyond repair.

  • You'll continue (or have get worse) feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, turmoil, and being out of control.

  • Sleep will continue to be lost and disrupted as you worry about problems and the future.

Getting help now helps you...

  • Seize opportunities,

  • Find the right path for you and your family,

  • Save relationships and partnerships,

  • Be confident in your decisions,

  • Succeed in your work or school,

  • Wake up looking forward to the day,

  • Live without regret,

  • Know you have what it takes,

  • Have tools to handle life's challenges,

  • Be in control of your life and choices,

  • and Sleep peacefully at night.


Let Ines help you and your kiddo relax!



Serving Adults & Adolescents


Serving Children & Adolescents


Serving Children & Adolescents


Serving Adults & Adolescents

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